Heat problems!!


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Mar 5, 2002
St. Louis
Why wont my heat get hot like other cars? I replaced me heater core back in the summer and now thats its cold out I have 2 problems. 1st my heat doesnt get very hot. The other mustang I owned and my friends mustang's heat always got hot and it didnt take 20min to do so like mine does. I mean it gets warm, but I dont like being cold and I need it to be HOT. and my other problem is that my blower only blows if the knob is on the highest setting. If I put it on any other setting the blower doesnt come on at all. I replaced the blower switch and it didnt help.
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try replacing your thermostat for the heat part. Was it the switch under the hood on you heater box that you replaced? If not thats the one that controls the speed of your fan.
Yup...I was actually thinking no thermostat myself. Someone probably replaced it with a 160*, or even worse none at all. Let me ask you...does your car cycle in and out of cold start up often? Is it hard on gas? Do you smell a lot of raw fuel when you're getting on it? Do you find your oil smells like it's got fuel in it and find it getting dirtier fairly quickly? Do yourself a favour and change it out for no colder than a 180* if not the stock 195*....you car will thank you for it.

As for the fan control, I again have to agree with fords4life. It's not the fan speed switch located on the panel itself that's got to be changed, it's the one that's attached to the airbox. It's only held on by 2 small screws and will resemble a small coil (or series of coils, I can't remember) when removed. Try just wiggling the wire first, it may even just be a loose connection, but either way they're inexpensive to replace.
I'm sorry, I meant to say the heater box under the dash. You should be able to get to it through your glove compartment. The circuit will be attached to a plug with a series of wires (2or3) near the heater motor and screwed into the heater box. I'm not exactly sure what it looks like off hand....I'm just going from memory and my car is put away for the winter. You just basically pull the plug off the end, unscrew the two bolt’s, yank it out and do it in reverse with the new one.

Anyone able to give a more descriptive suggestion, with better detail?