Help me ID engines - 6 or more free..


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Oct 30, 2001
Washington, MO
I have a friend who called me today as I was doing yardwork on this fine holiday weekend to tell me that he, through an old friend of his dads has been given access to an old old building that is full of car parts.

We can have anything we want for free.... that's right free buddy. He called me and I immediatley explained to the wife that I had to go. Good call as I came home with a 9" rear end and a C-6 and a C-4.

Here is the problem, well not problem but I do not know how to ID engines. Can someone enlighten me as there are about 10 engines in the back that I can have. One is a Buick 430-4, not sure if I want but there are at least 5 ford motors complete intake to pan and I'm not sure what they are as they appear to be big blocks FE's? 460?

Can anyone help? I was hoping for a 460 Cobra Jet Dove block or maybe some spare windors. I'm clueless and I have the opportunity to stock up or sell these.

Thanks in advance for your help..
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