Saleen Help: Saleen Series 1 Supercharger Questions


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Jan 13, 2008
Sorry in advance for the longish post!

I recently bought a Saleen Series 1 Supercharger kit for my '00 Mustang GT (~87k miles) and have quite a few questions. I know it's pretty outdated blower tech and not the most efficient, but I was able to score a killer deal on it (<$1000), much cheaper than if I had pieced together a centrifugal deal. I also liked the idea of this system being OEM on many cars, indicating it should be pretty reliable. I plan on putting it on the vehicle over the summer when I'll have plenty of time to work. I've already got the workspace, tools, and tuner lined up.

The blower is a roots type Eaton M90 and I know it produces a good amount of heat under boost, and therein lies the heart of my concerns. I reside in Southern California and with the upcoming summer, I'm really worried about overheating and damaging the car (blower, engine, etc). I have plans to take the car up to Willow Springs for some open track time and really don't want the car to go into reduced power mode with heat soak.

The kit, which I thought was relatively complete, seems to be missing quite a few bits. It has the "big parts" like the blower, intake, an Accufab throttle body, a cold air intake with MAF, injectors and some hoses but it seems to be missing things like an "alternator bracket". I have copies of both the Series 1 and Series 2 installation guides and there are parts lists in the back that list some other random things I don't have (bolts, wires, heatshrink, etc). The lists however don't include the major things like the intake, blower, etc, so I have no idea what else I'm missing.

So onto the questions:
1.) Has anyone actually installed one of these blowers before or have experience with them that could tell me what else I need for the install? I'm pretty sure I'll need that alternator bracket, where might I get one? I gather that Saleen, JDM Engineering and Chicane are the people most people go to for Saleen questions?

2.) The "kit" came with a Kenne Bell heat exchanger, reservoir, and pump, NOT the stock Saleen pieces. I was told he took off his factory Saleen blower and put on a KB blower, so I guess his installer didn't want to uninstall stuff that would work with it. The Kenne Bell heat exchanger looks to be just an '03-04 Cobra unit but it doesn't have fans like the stock Saleen heat exchanger. Will I have problems without the fans?

3.) The Kenne Bell parts didn't come with any installation instructions and Kenne Bell wants to charge me $20 bucks just for a copy of their manual. =( Does anyone have any idea how to put this stuff on? I seem to have some brackets for the pump and reservoir but I have no idea what to do with it. Is the Kenne Bell reservoir large enough? Any help here?

4.) I'm really most concerned about heat control, so I was looking at cooling solutions on a budget. Will a larger heat exchanger help any? For the $250 entry price for a big LFP exchanger, will I see any tangible benefits? I'm really trying to do this on a budget, and I can't spend $700 on a Chicane intercooler.

5.) The blower came with a Chicane 66mm pulley, will my car be able to withstand this boost (8pounds)? Also what size belt is appropriate for this pulley?

6.) My research indicates it will no problem, and that I should be getting about 330rwhp? Is this accurate? Would my car be able to handle the extra heat without cooling upgrades?

7.) Mosaleen idler pulley. I've read the evilgloo forum post. Has ANYONE on this forum gotten more power with this simple pulley or should I just get it to ward off belt slip?

8.) I read some stuff about a bigger, higher flower intercooler pump, would this be better than a larger heat exchanger? I really just need suggestions to keep the heat down, as the kit did not come with a temp. gauge and the car might see some horrific LA traffic during the summer.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate whoever takes the time to read this ridiculously long post. I'm just trying to get as much information and parts ahead of time before the build to cut down the time I don't have the car on the road. I've been trying and will continue to look through forums for more information.

Thanks again!
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I am installing a Series I kit on my N/A Saleen. If you have a 66mm pulley it should pull 9-10 pounds. From what I read this is the upper limit of the blower. It does suffer from the heat, but with 265 hp at the crank to 300 ish to the wheels it is worth the trouble. I got mine for $1600 and we have to take it off of the 02 GT donor and put it on mine. I am planning to do it this weekend. I read justy today that 113 inches is the stock pulley belt size and112 with a 66mm. Check out SOEC.COM. (saleen owners and enthusiast club) I plan on taking a bunch of pics. I can answer more of your questions after this weekend. I bought NGK TR6 plugs, new lower intake gaskets and 8oz of Ford supercharger fluid to change it while blower is off car.

Jim D. sorry for the mistake. I have it saved to my favorites and posted from work. Great site, lots of very helpful guys! And ur welcome for the plug!