Help With 2.3L Timing

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Dec 18, 2001
Hello. I have one that certainly anyone on this thread can answer. I own a 1996 Ford Ranger, 2.3L. I had recently did a timing belt job on it. I set the crank to TDC and the camshaft to the proper factory timing marks. As for the auxillary shaft i didn't bother doing anything with it, as it just drives the oil pump and really doesn't need to be timed, because it's a distributerless system.

Ok, here is the problem, the truck has developed a bad off-idle miss, when you are slightly accelerating it, it bucks a little untill the RPM increases.

After hours of tesing sensors, ignition patterns, fuel injector patterns, i realized it.

The Camshaft Position Sensor is located behind the auxillary shaft, and has a tone ring that is mounted to the back of the auxillary shaft pulley. The Camshaft Position Sensor controls the timing of the fuel injectors, with it being out of time with the camshaft the hesitation is being created.

My question, don't you point the mark on the auxillary shaft with the centerline of the camshaft pulley while the Crank is at TDC?

This will not be a problem with the Mustang 2.3l's as they didn't use Sequential injection, just batch fire injection.

Definately a Ford Idea to pick up the camshaft position without actually mounting the sensor to where it actually reads the position of the Camshaft itself.
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