help with qa1 k-member, a arms, and coilovers install!!!

we are about to install the new k-member, a-arms (bushing end), and D&D coilovers with 175lb springs on my 97 VERT...any precautions we should take or any kind of problems we can avoid by buying certain tools ahead of time?
any help would be great...just tired of running into problems that everyone else has and not asking before hand to avoid them.
thanks folks,
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Apr 18, 2004
make sure your QA1 is square, I forgot to measure mine and it shifted the engine to the side a bit (wich wouldn't have been a problem except for my shaker)

I didn't do A arms when I did mine so can't help you there, but I bet they are easier to deal with than cutting and shaping the stock A arms to fit