Hi. Im new here and new to the Megasquirt scenes..


New Member
Jul 19, 2022
Cleveland, Ohio
I have a 67 Fairlane with a Painless harness, N/A 88 Mustang 302 bored to 306 11.5:1 compression cometic .027 headgaskets .. AFR 185 heads, comp cam xe282hr, Trick Flow upper and lower R intake, 34 lbs Ford / Bosch injectors. I had been running a A9L pcm for a few years car ran great except had a bad rolling idle and would stall at the worst time also idle would roll and stall when the electric cooling fan would kick on, I had been running a Granneteli 75mm Mass Air flow meter, I corrected the air filter to block any turbulent air, and installed the IAC spacer plate with set screws.. took care of some of the rolling idle... The problem I'm having is I just installed a Megasquirt 2 to try to help with rolling idle/stalling.. and I'm lost.. I installed a Innovate AFR gauge and I just can't get the VE table AFR table or timing tables correct at all, idle is up around 1500 rpm, and sometimes it flares up to 2000.. not going to lie I've even been trying other people's Maps and I'm just confusing and lost..
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