How Far Should The (vortech) Oil Pan Fitting Go Into The Bunge?


Sep 26, 2006
I got the ARP bunge welded into the oil pan. The oil fitting, which is 1/2 in ID x 3/8 in MIP, and when I put it in by hand it only goes about 2 threads in and it stops. I put a wrench on it and I turned it a little bit and I stopped because it seems very tight and not going in easy and I don't want to strip or break it. How far should the bunge go in? Why is the fitting not threading easy into the bunge? For those using the bunge, how far is yours in?


This is the bunge I bought
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I was told MIP and NPT are the same threads
There are two basic types of National pipe threads:
  • NPT: National Pipe Taper
  • NPS: National Pipe Straight
NPT threads are also sometimes referred to as
  • MIP (Male Iron Pipe)
  • FIP (Female Iron Pipe)
  • IPT (Iron Pipe Thread)
  • FPT (Female Pipe Thread)
  • MPT (Male Pipe Thread)
BTW, never heard of anyone using a bung before. There's no pressure there, it's only a drain line. However, it's unclear why it won't fit.
It could be that there is just some welding slag in the bung. Try running a tap through there first to clean it up then thread in your barb fitting. I always weld the bung on I HATE tapping the pan, lol