How long have you owned your 5.0


In just 10 years, I'll be old enough to drive!!!!
Dec 28, 2005
columbus ohio
So how long have you had yours? more many times have you been tempted to sell it?

ive had my 88 5.0 for going on a year in April. hard to believe its been that long. and ive been tempted to sell it a few times but never went though with it. :rolleyes:

then the 86 my dad has had for 3 years. ( will be going on 4 years in july. ) the 86 my dad bought it the reason i really started pushing to get a 5.0 :)
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I've had my white car since Feb. 14, 1999 and will sell it when I can no longer walk downstairs to the garage. I have honestly never been tempted to sell. I had my previous Mustang (a 1969 base coupe with a 302, my first car) from 1978 until I sold it in 2000 because I didn't have the financial where withall to restore it and had a need for cash at the time. I regret it daily.
I bought it in July of 06, so nearly 2 years. Bought it with my first bonus I got from joining The Army in 05.

The only time I've thought about selling is when it started giving me problems. Now, I just laugh if something breaks, and it gives me a chance to replace it with shiny new parts. :D
6/1/04, I Thought about selling it back when it was an auto and had the oil burning engine. Recently I thought about getting a 99-04 GT for the newness and I like the body style, but I need to drive one first to see if I like it. Also I dont want to be one of those people that regretted selling their 5.0 or other muscle car.

Plus a hot girl I know loves foxes... oh well.:rolleyes:
April 2002...was a dream come true to reach a point in my life where I could spend time and money on a project and get it just the way I always wanted a mustang to it.
6 yrs later with a handsome little man here, and another in the works I'll continue to love that car....but with someone else holding the keys.....:canada:
You already are!:lol:

Sorry. I was thinking about how much I had invested in my car the other day. :D

Haha. Never went a penny into debt w/it so I'm not worried. Still better off than if I'd spent more and done payments on a brand new common, boring car that compounded to ridiculous costs :crazy:
I've had my LX for just over 1 year, and don't plan on ever selling. I drove my car home from the hospital in it, and in about 18-20 years it will be hers. My GT I have had about 6 years and after I get done restoring it I am going to give it to my oldest daughter when she is around 18. So I don't ever plan on selling either of these, but I do plan on getting lots more!
I have the 93 since June 04 and the 88 since August 06.

Pretty much anytime I end up working on them I think about selling them :rlaugh:

Actually the 93 is getting the trans replaced, repainted, seats recovered and then sold.
95gt: 2.5yrs worst mistake ever on selling that thing...
84 svo: 1yr should have never bought it :notnice:
86gt: 1.5yrs also a pos, but fast.... :rolleyes:
93 lx: still have not selling ever... 2.5 years and counting!!! :D
90 7up: 9 months crushed... :(
93 gt vert: I dont think I going to get rid of this one, already put too much work into it!! :nice: Ive had it 2 months.... :D

I was only attached to the 95, and the 7up, but the notch is growing on me......