How to angle tailpipes?


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Jul 25, 2000
Athens, GA
On alot of coupes and hatchs I see that the tailpipes are actually dropped down and angled up going towards the rear bumper. How do you do this all of my my catbacks have just come straight out. I like the look of the dropped tails I need another hanger to drop it down like that or what?
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The rest of the exhaust has to be hanging low in order to accomplish this, otherwise the exit pipes from the mufflers need to come down further on the back side of the exhaust, thus giving the tailpipes a lower bolting point so they can then be angled up.

I've got MACs on my car now, and they're so tight up against the bumper you can hardly see them from a side view. I bought shorter than normal isolators for the muffler hangers and had to use a floor jack to hold the mufflers up as high as they'd go...basically i wanted the mufflers to be as close to the body as i could get them for extra ground clearance. The down side is the tailpipes being so high up.