How To Compare Tires?


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Jul 13, 2017
My '94 GT, bought recently, has optional 17" wheels, and surprised I was to see good quality rubber on them: 245/45/ ZR 17 by Goodyear, directional like on my '93 Cobra. They're about 10 to 20 % tread, though, evenly worn, no visible evidence of plugs, punctures, etc. But, they will have to go, soon.

I went lookin' for 245/45/ 17, regardless of speed rating. Price ranged from $78 to around $300!!

How does a guy go about buying tires given this kind of disparity? I had a set of "bullet-holes" rims years back, bought cheapie tires for the Cobra (money was TIGHT!), and we rode them for several years.

What process do you recommend I follow in buying tires for this '94 GT? Usage is as a 2nd. car, not daily, I'm too Goddamned old to race guys from stoplights, (but did it furiously) as a youngster, so, tires? I dunno....imp
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Oct 11, 2017
I shop by UTQG ratings on TireRack, then buy them at Discount Tire. My Camaro (2011 V6 RS) came with some extremely soft 21" tires on it (I think they lasted 8,000 miles of mild cruising), and they were REALLY expensive, so I replaced them with something with a higher treadwear number and have been completely satisfied. They're still going at 32,000 miles. I don't race, so I choose durability over ultimate grip.