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Oct 26, 2018
FarEast TN
This is my twin brothers account, I changed the banner and avatar, so those are mine. Long story short I was caretaking mom who lives with my brother. Then HE began having health issues and can not continue to use computers in the foreseeable future due to PB ie (health). While helping mom I had began reading and using his stangnet account, with his blessings of course for advice and questions about my favorite vehicles. Ford remains my favorite , but some of the new stuff is complicated. Oh, I better explain, as far as I am concerned the new stuff is items related to 1980 up mustangs.! Yes, that is a joke,..... kind of!

My first car was a 65 & 1/2 mustang, (I think it was a 66 really) . It was a k4spd, fast back dark green, 4bbl, but not the Hi Po heads etc. The next one was a hi po red convertible. Like an airhead didn't buy it for the motor, but rather for the the round 140mph spedo and gauges, and the craig powerplay 8 track with a creme 291 tape thrown in. Man loved that car and every one of those that came after, one more 66' a 67 fast back 390, a 68 coup[e ...... an I think it was a 84 or 86, it had the last 4bbl before fuel injection. Then I was blindsided by family and responsibility happened. This latest mustang was just transportation. Being twins my brother and I have an affinity for silver mustangs, probably because the neighborhood's very cool guy had a silver 66 fastback, and it was one of the fastest cars in the county even if it had a 289 in it. It barely idled because of the radical cam ,man it was beautiful. Well if anyone is still awake or here if using my brothers account isn't against the rule I will see you all every now and again in the forum! ~
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Sep 1, 2010
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This is an active site. I am sure when you post a question or progress update in the right generation forum, you will get help or feedback. I hope family things stay manageable.