I have a few technical questions.....


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Jul 2, 2009
I'm hoping some of you guys have the answers to these questions, regarding the 2010 GT.

1) Is a rear end from a 2009 totally interchangeable with a 2010?
2) Are the mufflers welded in place?
3) Will the stock strut tower brace clear any of the FPP superchargers?
4) How ugly is the stock front license plate mount? (pics??)
5) Has anyone used any of the FPP upgrade kits?

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Jun 11, 2009
i can only answer the ones i have done so to answer
#2 the stock mufflers ar banded as is the entire thing except the cat pip wich is bolted to the manifold so all in all its very easy to get out.
#3 i have seen one 2010 with a front mount plate holder it looked to be a clip type no holes in your bumper i will snap a pick on my iphone if i stumble on to it. but check out these if worried about the stock one
Amazon.com: Show N Go License Plate Holder: Automotive


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Apr 8, 2001
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1) The rearend should be interchangeable as it uses all the same parts.
2) No
3)I believe the stock 2010 strut tower brace will clear the whipple SC. The bar had a good bit of clearance between the engine cover and itself. The whipple should not sit much higher than that.
4)I dont have one of these. Just two, inconspicuous holes.
5)I will be installing the FRPP FR3 suspension kit this weekend. The CDC shaker system from Ford was installed today. I didnt opt for the mufflers because I am a die hard magnaflow fan.

Buck Turgidson

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Jul 14, 2009
The War Room
I don't think the '09 rear end is interchangeable. The only carryover body part is the roof so getting the '09 rear to match up wouldn't be a bolt on thing. I'm not sure I understand why anyone would want to do this anyway (and mess up a perfectly beautiful '10) but to each his own.


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Sep 16, 2005
Corpus Christi, TX
I don't think the '09 rear end is interchangeable. The only carryover body part is the roof so getting the '09 rear to match up wouldn't be a bolt on thing. I'm not sure I understand why anyone would want to do this anyway (and mess up a perfectly beautiful '10) but to each his own.
I believe he was referring to the mechanical aspect, not the body :)
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