I was wondering


Dec 3, 2009
was the stock cluster the same or was it different for 1983 4cyl, v6, gt, i kno this is a weird question but i need to know, also how can you tell if the stcok body had what engine in it, 1983-1986
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As far as I know, the gage clusters are the same for all engines within each year. There should be a switch on the back of the tach to set it for 4-6-8 etc. HOWEVER, the printed circuit connector pin outs seem to vary between years. For example, an 80 cluster and an 82 vary. On my 82, I tried installing the 80 gage cluster. It fit and the connectors plugged in, but the 80 pinout was different. The dash harness wires match the printed circuits, so I smoked the ammeter. Put the 82 cluster back in and its been fine.