Roush Info on these rims:


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May 29, 2004
Davenport, IA
could somebody give me some accurate information on these rims??

I hear they are pretty rare :nice:


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Those are the 17x8" Speedline wheels that Speedline produced for Saleen in the early 90's. The four lug wheels in your pics are a bit more rare than the same wheels in the five lug. Saleen at the time made those available so that you did not have to perform the 5 lug conversion and still have the look. Most said Saleen on them cleared in on the wheel. The wheels in the pics look pretty clean so I am going to assume that they have been refinished.
I have not seen a four lug set on Ebay in over 6 months. The 5 lug come on more often.
If someone really, really wanted them, I could see them go for $1,500-$1,700 if they were super clean and spun true.
If you like the way they look run what you have. If you think you may sell them for a change of pace, store them without tires.
I think i can still get a set of those, that some dumba$$ defaced by painting them black (not very well either).
Polished lip could also use a refinishing.
He wanted (couple months ago) $300 for the set.
But since i have 5 lug, and have no interetest in putting any elbow grease into them, i turned the deal down.