Intermittent Electrical Problem - Need Help!


Founding Member
Apr 5, 2002
Huntsville, AL
Today on the way home from work. I noticed my electric fan was not working. I then noticed my HVAC blower was not working. NOTE: The "key on" wire for the RELAY for my electric fan is piggy-backed on this circiut at the fuse block. Checked fuse, it was okay. When I turned the key to the on position, everything worked.

A few minutes later, it all came back. Same symptoms as above. I also noticed my turn signals were not working. These are on different fuses. Checked the turn signal fuse, its also okay.

Here's the kicker. Once I got home, I went inside to change cloths. When I went to troubleshoot the problem, everything was working again.

I'm kinda at a lose on this one and was hoping some of you guys could get me started in the right direction.

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