It's coming apart..93 coupe

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, my painter could not paint the car today. Going to do it this Saturday. No big deal. The side trim etc. Came out really nice though.

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I had sent them to a guy to have them restored...a dude named's a long story....he had them for 2 1/2 years and did nothing to them. A guy on facebook went to his house/shop and recovered several dozen sets of windows he was holding hostage that belonged to various people around the country. So, long story short, I spent over $100 to ship them, another $150 for work that was never done, ... $50 for the guy to recover them for me, and another roughly $75 to ship them back. THEN I basically sanded them, and used spot putty, sanded, putty, sanded, primed, sanded and finally finished off with SEM Trim Black.
Took me forever to remember the shops name. Team vision. The current rumor is that he sold several hundred sets of other peoples windows to encore mustangs. that's just a rumor though. I was surprised that either of these guys were still in the game with all the bad reviews on both sides.