job offer, what do you guys think


Dec 3, 2004
As some of you might know southern illinois was hit with some flooding last week and a local car dealer that has some clasics that were sitting in knee deep water has contacted me about cleaning the cars. They told me that they wanted the cars cleaned, not restored, and that the cars had to be towed to my house to be done, i would have to arange for that. I called a buddy of mine and found out they had already talked to him and told him they wanted all fluids changed, door panels and carpets pulled and cleaned. he told them that (working at night) it would take 5 days or so to do this. I get the impresion that they want them all done by the end of the week We are going down to the shop tonight to talk to the owner and see whats up but i dont have a good feeling about this. Is this something we should pass on? We both do wash/wax/detail on the side but im talking like 15 or 16 cars. Buick wildcat, 2 or more mid 60's mustangs, dusters, and i dont know what else. :shrug:
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