Just bought car, how to get home.


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Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
My sister just bought a new(ish) Eclipse privately out in Western MA. We live in the Boston area.

We'd like to take the car home but it will be some time before we get the title and can register it.

WHat are the laws concerning this? A tow would be about $400. I don't know anyone with a dealer plate or a repair plate.

Is the 7-day grace period true? As long as you have a signed bill of sale, and your current plates and reg you can drive the car home? I've heard it both ways. I really don't want to take the car home this way but i'm running out of options.
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if the car is currently registered/insured you might be able to drive it on the previous owners plates if they are cool with that...or maybe they could drive the car and take their plates with them when they leave.

other possibility would be a truck and a rented car dolley from u-haul.

not sure about the grace period...ive heard mass is like jersey and kinda sucks with its laws.
It has to be insured to drive in Mass. If her old car is still registered and insured, the ins. company can put a binder on the policy and you can use the plates on the new car.

Your best bet would be to talk to your Ins. agent.
Matts89LX5.0 said:
glad to hear you got it home mike, i would have done what 90notch said lol...how did you get it home?

Haha, i did exactly what 90 notch said!

Was a pretty uneventful ride. Nobody was on the road at all at that time of night.