Kaase P-38 Heads?


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Oct 30, 2013
Anyone know anything about these heads? I'm a little skeptical on the "512hp @ 7500" on a stock 302 with a cam and intake. I sure do hope its true though lol. and if its true are they worth the $2500? is there an AFR or TFS head that will make those kinds of numbers?
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They aren't worth the time/money. Especially on a 302. They have unique valve arrangements that also cost more. If you want a great street/strip head go with the new R11 TFS 205cc heads. They even give a little extra room for ptv clearance so you can run a little more cam. IMO they are the best 2k or under head on the market(have 2.08x1.60valves,PAC springs,titanium locks-retainers,etc) they support up to 650hp n/a or 1000hp forced induction in the right motor
I'll look at those? do you have any clue what numbers they'll make with the similar set up? (cam, intake, headers)
I can't remember exactly but I think the p heads need custom valvetrain pieces,otb intakes need to be ported to match(not positive on this). The new 11r tfs heads use traditional roller rockers,intake,exhaust etc. and are cheaper. With a stock 5.0 they both are overkill. Will one make more power than another? Possibly.
I like the p38 heads. They are outside of the box and thinking a little different. I think they are more at home on a large 400+ cubic inch motor though. They probably won't get anything done that some of the other mentioned heads can't.

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Well basically any 200+cc head is capable of going over 1000 hp. Just use more boost lol. I think they can double up the n/a numbers with the right setup
Don't see an NA motor getting near 1000 with high ports . You will need SC1 D3 blue thunders or that type of head
The Kaase head is a great piece. If you were looking to buy a cylinder head that you could grow into it would be an option. The valvetrain geometry is a little goofy but people make OTS rockers for them and it isnt an issue.

I looked into them but ultimately i thought high ports were a better choice for my money.