looking for a cobra r hood w/factory style scoops


May 5, 2005
allright does anyone know if anybody makes these or are they all made with no scoops?the only way i'll get one is if it has the scoops on it.if not im gonna have to shell out about 800 large for a saleen heat extractor hood.and that has to be from saleen not from other company cuz im not impressed with the way the other companies make them.:SNSign:
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Fought this same fight, If I wanna keep them I'm gonna have to get them molded into my R hood, which would bring the cost up to the 750 dollar Speedworx saleen hood price....

Someone oughtta call Speedworx and let them know how many of those hoods they'd sell if they were a comparable price to Cervini's......

Or call Cervini's and tell them how many Saleen HE's they'd sell if they made them.....
they may not be functional,but at least they are not completely blocked off and not even cut out like most after market hoods is what i meant.i actually found one at mrbodykit.com but you have to use hood pins with it and i dont want hood pins.so it looks like im gonna have to get the saleen hood from them.