LX 5.0 Console w/ cupholder

TRU 5.0

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Sep 30, 2007
Nazareth, PA
I decided to share a few pics of the console insert I recently finished. It's an everyday driver most of the year, and the lack of cupholder in these things has always irritated me. I bought a spare console plate since my original one still has a functional ashtray lid. I think it came out pretty good overall - A little fiberglass, a little plastic epoxy, and a junkyard cupholder. I know someone else here had this idea - The paint doesn't exactly match, but I'm happy with it - figured I would share the results......hope the link for the pics works.

Console pictures by imzcat2 - Photobucket
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Thanks - I believe the piece came out of a 05 or 06 Ford 500/Taurus. I went to the JY and came home with 5 different inserts, but the Ford piece fit the best. I trimmed the ashtray area back a bit, and continued to trial fit the cupholder until it fit tightly. I used a little plastic epoxy, then fiberglass to fill in the sides. I finished it with a little high quality filler, and wet sanded it about 500 times until I was satisfied with the results. I wanted it to look factory - plus the rubber insert keeps my coffee from moving around! Took me alot longer than I expected, though..