mach 1 seats for $450??


New Member
Dec 8, 2009
Hemet, CA
So like the title says mach 1 seats for $450 for front and back. Should I buy them? The owner says there in excellent condition. He sent me a couple pics with his cell and they look pretty good. Does that sound like a good deal? I'm thinking of getting them but thought I'd see what you guys have to say.
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Cool. I'll email the guy back and go check them out. It would be nice to have some good seats. I'm so picky when it comes to that. I'm changing my interior to all black and am trying to make it look tits and the seats are my main concern right now.
Get them without question!

I bought just the fronts for $400 for mine. Made a world of difference, corner carving and support. The lumbar support that my stock GT's lacked helped big time on long trips. I no longer get back aches. Lot's more fun in the turns too now that I stay in one place.
Ok I just texted the guy and it looks like I'll be driving up to Victorville Sat morn. He says he has 4 other guys who wanna get them so I'm gonna try and show up early around 8 am. Which means I have to leave my place around 630 am. Hopefully they aren't sold by then.