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Jan 14, 2004
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OK Something I already have but not much of it.

This is my Final List Of Mods That Will be Done To My Car!

Stuff To Get
1998 Mustang GT

If Fuel Injected 4.6 Is Used

BBK Adjustable Caster & Camber Plates - Part No. 2527
BBK Bolt-On Sub-Frame Connectors - Part No. 2543
BBK Heavy Duty Rear Upper & Lower Control Arm Kit - Part No. 2526


BBK Shorty Headers (Ceramic) - Part No. 16150
BBK Off-Road X-Pipe - Part No. 1665


BBK Intake Plenum w/ 75mm Throttle Body Kit - Part No. 1761
90mm Mass Air Flow Sensor (Came With Mongoose Kit)


BBK Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - Part No. 1707
42lb Injectors (Came With Mongoose Kit)
BBK 255lph Fuel Pump - Part No. 1607


Stock Non-PI Heads Port & Polished
Crower 2V Spring/Retainer Kit (Titanium) - Part No. 84703
Crower Stage 2 Non-PI S/C Camshafts - Part No. 62812-2


MSD DIS-4 Ignition Control - Part No. 62152
MSD Ford 4-Tower Coil Packs - Part No. 8241
MSD Spark Plug Wires (Red) - Part No. 32229


SCT X-Cal-2 Flasher w/MPH Vortech Mongoose Tune (Came With Mongoose Kit)


PA Automatic Street/Strip Transmission (AODE/4R70W) - Part No. PA45101-46L
B&M Deep Transmission Pan - Part No.
B&M Holeshot 3000 Stall Converter (AODE) - Part No. 50403
B&M Hammer Shifter - Part No. 81001
B&M Electronic Shift Kit- Part No. 70381


Ford Racing 4.10 Ratio Ring & Pinion - Part No. M-4209-G410A
Ford Racing 31 Spline Axle Kit - Part No. M-4235-D
Ford Racing Rear-End Girdle Support Cover - Part No. M-4033-G1

Bottom End

CHP 4.6 Street Fighter Kit (Forged - 4.5cc Dish) - Part No. 10160-SF


MPH Vortech S-Trim Mongoose Kit (8psi)
Zex Dry Nitrous Kit (50 Shot) - Part No. 82015 (ALREADY HAVE WILL USE JUST FOR LOOKS!!)
Zex Purge Valve Kit (4-AN) - Part No. 82010


Autometer Dual Gauge Pillar Pod (2-1/16” Gauges) - Part No. 12120
Autometer Sport-Comp Boost/Vacuum Gauge - Part No. 3301
Autometer Sport-Comp Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge - Part No. 3375
Autometer Autogage Fuel Pressure Gauge - Part No. 2174
Zex Nitrous Pressure Gauge (Bottle Mount) - Part No. 82005
Mustangworld.com 35 Anniversary Gauge Bezel


Maxspeed Lowering Springs
Mustangworld.com Black Bumper Inserts
Black Bullitt Wheels
Front - 17 X 8
Rear (Deep Dish) - 17 X 10.5
BFGoodrich Tires
Front - 245/45/R17 G-Force Sport Tires
Rear - 315/35/R17 G-Force T/A Drag Radial Tires


What Do You Guys Think?? :SNSign:

Also i dont wont any i would use Longtubes! I Dont wont longtubes
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dotn get botl on SFC"s - MM full length weld ons.

get MAC or some other LT header that iwll allow trans removal. shrotys are crap adn nto worth the time to install.

MAC prochamber midpipe will make the best power out of any (form what i have seen)

does the ford axle kti coem with a 31 spline diff? if nto youll need one of those.

dont bother with an autometer A/F gauge. get an innovative LM-1 or equivalent WIDE BAND. narrow badn wont tell you anything other than what color LED's it has inside.

jsut rea du dsotn wnat LT's - why not? clearance issues?

i woudl also make sure u get torque box's welded and reinforced. perhaps a tubular K member and a arms? dorp a good amount of weight off