MM Manual Clutch adjuster not staying adjusted

Installed a MM Manual Clutch cable adjuster kit on my 88 LX 5.0 to replace worn out original unit. The problem is the adjuster does not stay in place. after a few weeks the adjuster has twisted back into the firewall making adjustment required. Its a long slow process, so it does not happen at once but over many weeks of usage. When I installed the adjuster, I used copper anti-sieze on the threads. Maybe lubrication where it was not needed? Any thoughts on this?
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If MM is still using the same adjuster, then there's no way to lock it. Most of the adjusters out there either use a set screw or a floating ring to jam-nut the adjuster in place, or both. MM clutch quadrants are the best around and they are one of the few places where you can still get a factory Ford cable at a reasonable price, but the adjusters are no good. I suggest that you replace it with one from UPR. They have a whole selection of firewall adjusters based on what type of locking mechanism you want. They even offer one with an internal detent-style lock. I'm running their adjuster with the square flange and the jam-nut ring (link below). It stays put with all of my street driving and even under extended road course conditions.

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I am using MM clutch kit with no issue.

I have been informed by my mechanics not to use Copper anti seize on aluminum parts because it corrodes. Instead use silver color anti seize. Please check if corrosion is the issue.