mustang 2011.


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May 15, 2020
2011 is when the mustang got new engines (5.0 V8 and 3.7 V6) which are both very reliable.

If you’re young and this is a first car - there isn’t anything wrong starting off with a V6! It’s plenty fast and I can actually afford the insurance haha I got my current car (2011 V6) when I was 18 and I’m still loving it.

Can’t speak upon the Ecoboost or GT as I’ve never had one, but the GT comes stock with impressive power and everyone here seems to really enjoy theirs! The Ecoboost is turning into quite the machine from the factory - it has around the same power as the V6 which is pretty impressive. The Ecoboost is only available on models 2015+.

Any and all of the 3 models are fantastic! As for model year, I recommend anything 2011 and up - much more reliable vehicles. 2015 is when the redesign came out and is a more modern mustang while the 2011-2014 is more old school look in my opinion.

Happy shopping and hope to see a purchase post from you soon!
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