Mustang5L5 DIY MS3x Thread

So glad I made this thread. Had to read it to remember how I built my MS3X.

Blew the dust off it, hooked it up to my laptop and remembers all my tunes on the laptop are erased as my work PC lease was up and I got a new laptop. I have a current tune on the MS3X that i was playing with that now doesn't seem to want to load correctly.

Considering i never ran it in a car, not the end of the world, but is there a way to pull a tune off the MS so i can play with it in Tunerstudio a bit and then reload it? Just trying to get it to "run" with the stimulators and for some reason i'm not able to connect with the laptop even though it sees it.

I'll play with this tomorrow. I still want to install this.....but for obvious reasons it needs to wait. Just trying to keep what i learned fresh.
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Looks like i'm stuck. I sent you a text.

I had this ECU "running" perfectly before I put it in a box and let it sit. Now I got a new laptop so I decided to play with it. It connected for a few mins. The stimulators were flashing the injector lights, but gauges and such were not reading correctly. I unplugged it. Later I went to connect, and TS can detect the controller and firmware version, when I get a "test port failed" error when I test it. It won't connect. And now, the stim doesn't really do much.

I'm hoping this is just a PC connection issue and I didn't inadvertently damage the MS3X. :(
Making some progress. Seems CAN_COMMANDS was turned on somehow. I shut it off and was able to detect the port and connect.

However once connected, it displayed serial errors.

I suspect the issue is in my software/serial connection in the way my harddrive was flashed to my new laptop when the lease was refreshed. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall a fresh copy, and perhaps reload firmware.
Figured it out. Had to reinstall firmware without retaining previous settings. There’s some setting it doesn’t like on the tune I was using to set it up.

I still have issues with the connection dropping out when I burn a change that I didn’t have before, but I think it has to do with my new laptop and the cable.

Been running 24 hours now without issue

Time to make some more detailed notes, take screen shots of my settings and generally prep myself for a few months before I can install it
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And here's my next project once I familiarize myself a bit more with the programming and come up with my wiring scheme

I'll be cutting one end off this Rotunda 06-00081 harness that Steve sent me and soldering to the two DB37s that plug into the unit.


Of course there will be some additional wiring out of the ms3x that won't go through the 60-pin. Well cross that bridge when we come to it

You had me searching for this cable as I believe I could use it to relocate my pimp. It’s a 07-00081.

Did you ever cut it up?
I just bought the Ron Francis Pimp harness from Stinger but would prefer to extend it a small amount so I could mount the behind the glove box for ease of access. Under seat would be even better but that one you have is not long enough for that.
Pretty sure that one easily reaches the glovebox as that's where I was going to put mine.

I have to cut and splice to the DB37's so that harness had about 24" of wire as well.
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