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Feb 18, 2001
Decided to make a brand new thread to document my build. The old thread began in 2008, and had amassed over 3K posts and 430K views at this posting in late 2020. Please hit the WATCH button in the top right corner to subscribe to this thread

That thread can be found here.

Summation of that 12-year thread is detailing the mods I've made to my 1988 Mustang LX, which I purchased in 1997 with approx. ~45K miles and drove in High School. I've been fortunately to be able to hang onto the car, and in 2008 I was able to begin modifying it.

SOme of the topics covered in that 2008-2020 thread are:
5-spd conversion
SN95 disk brake conversion with multiple brake setups
SN95 interior seating
Restoration and addition of Recaro seats,
03-04 Cobra steering rack
Maximum motorsports coil-overs and other components
Install of 93 Premium CD player
….and many many more topics.

The final stage of the thread were a tear down and rebuild of my engine from a stock shortblock, with the addition of a K-member, some frame repair and other goodies. That takes us to now. In the beginning stages, of putting it all back together.


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So, jumping into the middle of things. SOme parts showed up today. Took a long lunch to get these things done.

Rack bolts and prothane grease showed up. I was able to torque the A-arms in place, and install the steering rack. Done! That also allowed me to install the Max Motorsports hybrid steering shaft. MUCH easier to install this without an engine in place than it was the first time around.


Moving on, some of my hydroboost fittings came in. These were listed on that famous hydroboost jog floating around. Russel 670530

Hmm, right off the bat they are slightly different. These were listed as being compatible for the pump and the hydroboost, but there are differences. Here's the hydrobooster fitting

And heres the PS pump

This is where it would install. The other Russel fitting i got (silver one) seems to work out fine and be correct. This one doesn't seem to seal properly and relys on the threads. Or perhaps I could install a teflon O-ring?

I hop on teh googal, and see Power by the Hour has the right fittings. I guess i could just return all these fittings to Amazon (was almost $30 in fittings anyway) and get the right stuff.

Those fittings look to be high quality anyway. Problem is, I need one more of that middle fitting. I don't want to buy another kit for it, so the search continues....

I'm going to go sneak onto the Coyote swap forums/FB group and see what those guys are using for their hydroboost fittings.
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I'm jump'n in here so I get notifications on new post but I am interested in the steering upgrade since I'm going to lift my engine up to fix what I know is going to be a leaky oil pan to timing cover gasket but the price of admission is kinda steep for my junk. I think @CarMichael Angelo had a low buck option, I'll look for it, it's prolly in the thread he deleated :nonono:
Steering upgrade was really all in the last thread. For the most part, the steering is done. I just need my hydroboost hoses but those were going to come later. Right now i'm converting all the fittings to -6AN.

WIth the PBH kit, I have the booster covered, and ordered the MM kit for the rack. I really just need one fitting for the PS pump. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it
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Decided to investigate the 1990 escort PS pump.

apparently the main difference is the low pressure return line is on top and slightly bigger in OD. Other than that, same pump without the reservior.

i plan on mounting the hydroboost reservior....somewhere

Yes, I will clean up those bolts prior to final assembly.
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I'm following this one too. That escort PS pump is the same one a bunch of folks use in autocross. It's a good option to remember. Its a shame stuff doesn't swap around within the Ford brand like it used to. I really enjoy finding stuff to modify with thats Ford specific from another vehicle. Seems to always be cheaper that way.
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Some new parts today.

I was going to try to refurb these, but they were pretty nasty. I also trashed my SS hoses. Some questionable bends in them so I decided to buy new stuff. Brake stuff...I prefer to be safe


new hose mounts and MM front lines

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Also, got my MM power steering rack adapters. I’ll get these installed now, and revisit hoses later. I’m still piecing together the right fittings for the other hydroboost connections. These fittings have some heft to them. Real nice

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This weekends goal. I can’t make major progress until I do this.

wity the MM k member, it’s highly recommended to run 96+ spindles and a bolt through bumpsteer kit. So, I need to machine the spindles. I need to see if I can get shop access this weekend to get it done. Got my drill bit and ream ready

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Here's what may be a dumb question......what are you doing for the low-pressure side? Regular rubber hose, or some fancy way of putting braided hose on a barb that I don't know about?
Here's what may be a dumb question......what are you doing for the low-pressure side? Regular rubber hose, or some fancy way of putting braided hose on a barb that I don't know about?

I’ve seen it done a few ways. Rubber line, fancy matching braided line, and convert to AN fittings. I may even hard plumb it all into the fender. We will see how motivated I get.
Yeah...this doesn’t really fit well. So I’ll model one up in CAD with the fuse box outline and mounting points, and then laser cut one that will work for me in the footprint I have


87-93 box mounts in the lower panel of the dash. 90-93 mounts under it. Since I have a 90-93 dash on an 87-89 dash frame, I can’t really do I need to improvise
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Installed the MM fittings, then realized I forgot the hydraulic sealant so out they came again. Removing them buggered up the Teflon o ring, so I need to get new ones. I was not amused.

I’ll likely have to pull the rack off because proper torque is critical. Any more and it ruins the o ring. Prob is I can’t torque it like this. Rack needs to come off. Fortunately at this stage, that’s easy


Decided to do something easy so I worked on cleaning up the spindles. Got them to this point abs decided an evaporust dip might be worthwhile.

I should powdercoat these, but I feel like it’s a lot of time abs effort for something I’ll never see. I painted my 94-95 spindkes and it held up well.
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A few parts arrived today. I also ordered a few more things.

I mounted a fuel pressure guage in my cowl a long time ago. I removed it. SInce I had a hole in the grill, I needed a new one. I hopped on Tasca Ford Parts and it's amazing how much cheaper these are there vs anywhere else. LMR wanted $100ish for the OEM ford grill. I think i got it from Tasca for $70 shipped. Still in production as far as i can tell. Label is 2018 dated.


Also, new throttle cable showed up. Much better shape than mine and should clean up nicely. I don't know who Herm is, but i've bought a lot of parts from his shack.
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