Need Help removing gas tank!!


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Mar 18, 2002
I am trying to unhook my gas tank so I can send my pump to steeda. However I want to get the tank out completly from the car while I am at it to give me more working room to replace the gears. How do I unhook the hard plastic lines that hook to the top of the tank? I already have the fuel line unhooked that goes to the pump and the filler neck loose. But I can not get the hard lines unhooked. It looks like I should just pull the two blue canisters out that the lines are connected to. But the large will not budge, and I am afraid of putting too much pressure on it. Thanks for any help you can provide...
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Hey Yellow, you need to send in the entire thing. From the connector where the fuel filter was all the way to the pump. All tubing included. Make sure you were gentle with that tubing because it is somewhat fragile and can break causing all sortsa fun problems when you get the car back together. Make sure you drain the canister as much as possible and do a really good job packing it. UPS declined me once because it smelled like fuel. The second time I just called them to pick it up.. next time I send it it's going back Fedex. As for releasing the filler neck from the tank, theres a bolt that kinda holds it into a rubber gasket where it meets the tank. Undo that and your good. Pull the tank out and go to work on your differential. While your at it replace your fuel filter. PM me and I'll get ya my AIM name if you need more help
Thanks for the reply. I actually just finished getting everything apart. Tim warned me about UPS not wanting to ship some of the fuel pumps because of the smell. I drained it out as good as possible. Now my plan is to let it air out for a week or so then pack it in several bags. I am hoping that will take care of the smell.