Need offroad H-pipe ASAP. Get BBK or Summit?


New Member
Mar 30, 2005
I need to get an offroad H-pipe for my 93 and was wondering if I should just get a Summit one for $100 or spend the money to get a BBK for $160? My main concern is fitment. I had a horrible Mac one in the past and don't want to run into that this time around
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I have Summits and it fit fine, i did have a slight problem with mine, the flanges on mine are small and they began to bend under high torque, im told BBK has 3/8th inch flanges if thats the case i would get that one, but if not the Summit brand is the same thing and it'll save you 60 bucks!
if your anywhere near cleveland i have a bbk h pipe ill let go pretty cheap.ive had both summit and bbk and honsestly there isnt much of a difference as far as performance,maybe you would notice a lil something on a dyno but besides that there both good h pipes.
i got the summit one and it fit great....didn't have a problem with the flanges bending then again I hand tighten them and they seal need to put 400ft/lbs of torque on them bad boys! I got mine on sale for $89.99 I think? Sounds right....maybe less.