Need to trailer my Mustang 450 miles what do I Need?


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Jun 7, 2003
Akron, OH
Car needs a tune real bad now, runs like crap after Systemax instal an AFPR and 50 lb injectors, Im goin out to Anderson Ford in Clinton, IL. I tried every friend i had for a nice v8 pickup, but the best i can muster up is my mom and dads 09 Jeep Liberty 4x4. It has a 5000lb tow rating so i guess it will work. Im using a trailer from u haul for 50 bucks a day. But i need to get a good hitch that i can remove from the jeep when im done and also what do i need as far as wiring harnesses. The trailer from u haul has one in it but what do i need to run from the jeep to the trailer?
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wow didnt think it would be that much

You'll need a hitch and reciever and somebody to wire in the 4 way flat for the trailer lights(assuming the jeep doesn't have it). If u can get all that done for a $125.00. Do it. Thats cheap. But gl finding that price. By the time u buy the hitch/reciever, install it, and buying the wiring kit and have it installed... its not "cheap". If its your parents jeep. Talk them into paying for it.
Its interesting that the jeep did not have a plug... if it has a Hitch mounted on the jeep then there is a factory plug... if the plug does not match go to walmart or any store with an auto sections and get the right adapter... should be less then $25.. i have never seen a jeep/any thing that had a Hitch reciever with no wires for lights... just doesnt make any sense maybe im reading your post wrong.

When you said HITCH do you mean just the ball hitch to slide into the hitch reciever? or is there no hitch reciever on the jeep... that is going to cost you money... might as well rent the truck to pull the trailer as well..
I just moved for my job and Uhaul wouldnt let me use a dolly, had to rent a trailer (which i wanted anyway). They are nice and easy to use for sure... not sure about the harness...

Oh yeah I towed mine out of the shop where i found it with a drive on trailer and and f250 v10. With a Jeep Liberty he might be exceeding the tow capacity with the full trailer and car.
Oh and when renting a tow dolly always say,"Yeah just towing my civic":D
The jeep isn't going to handle everything. You are going to hate that whole drive. If you're renting a trailer anyway, rent a truck too. It will already have a hitch and wiring and be able to handle the weight and cost less then all the stuff it sounds like you need. For that long of a drive I would say use a full trailer and not a dolly, dollies are harder to tow with and aren't much good for a 4000lb car.

The jeep has a wheel base that is too short, you'll be constantly steering just to stay in one lane.

Rent a truck, it'll be better to tow with and cheaper.
Renting a truck from U haul is .59 per mile times 456 miles itll add up, luckily i called my brother inlaw he has a 99 1500 Silverado v8 with the hitch already on it, i guess its the best one he could buy, he has the adapter harness already on but for some reason the taillights dont work, has brake lights and turn signals but no taillight . Im gonna check out the wiring see if i can figure it out this would save all kinds of money. Thanks for all the info guys, when it comes to trailering i know nothing. All i know if im looking forward to the mini vacation!!!! Hoping for about 520rwhp out there, either way this car is done..Thats enough power for a street car