New Here! Old Junk 94 Cobra


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Sep 2, 2013
Thought I would check this out and introduce myself. Names Tim, worked at a ford dealer as a tech from 2001 t0 2011 then decided I wanted to make some money and got into the offshore oil and gas industry. Owned a few mustangs in the past...two fox body coupes....and in searching for another one ran across this 94 cobra basketcase.

this was a few days after I picked it up. it came with two interiors, rear windows, fuel tanks, a trunk full of parts and lots of nuts and bolts. Already had 31 spline axles, 4:10s, rear control arms, springs, subframes and a cage that was tig welded surprisingly well. I sold off a lot of the parts and basically had 400 bucks in the car at that point.....that changed very quickly. First thing I added was the tubular k member, control arms, and coil over stuff.

This still is not even close to my favorite body style mustang....but it was cheap....and it will hold the powertrain that I planned on just fine.

Speaking of powertrain......well...2002 model pushrod motor...haha.....4"stroke callies crank, callies h beams, 4.005" flat tops, vic jr, 750 holley ultra hp, texas speed tsunami cam and a few other things.
Turbo 400 trans I put together with the better drum and sprags, alto clutches, 4000 converter and some other simple things....hopefully it holds up.

have about 350 bucks in the paint on this thing and a lot of time....the passenger door and quarter panel were replaced, as well as the roof skin. I wasn't planning on having a show car by any means, but it all lines up good and came out surprisingly well for someone who isn't a paint and body guy and hates the work that goes along with it.

Car has a full interior, just no hvac parts at all, or anything that doesn't make the windows or door locks work or the motor run. Well, has a power drivers seat too.

Ill let the pictures do the rest of the talking



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