new rebuild,to much gas and not running right,help

running to rich and flooding

new 86 rebuild,stock bore 4vr pistons,e7 heads with aftermarket springs,tfs 1 cam,gt-40 intake,stock explorer injectors,still have the SD computer,aftermarket headers,OR h-pipe,flowmaster cat back.

the only way I can start it is to put the gas pedal all the way to the floor and turn the idle screw all the way.once the motor starts reving to 2k on it own I turn the idle down to 1k and will run smooth but blackish smoke comes out the pipes.I drove it down the road and it runs smooth but when I shut it back off and try to start it I have to floor it again and I have to keep gas in it to keep it running unless I turn the idle back seem to me like its getting to much gas.I"m about ready to convert to carb set up.any one know whats up with the way its running?
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