Suspension New Struts And Shocks Problem.


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Jul 2, 2009
Hi everyone I am in need of help here. I have a 05 Stang, I had the clunk and have changed everything from tires to lca, endlinks, struts, strut mounts, bushings, and shocks. So make a long story short, I got rid of the noise after 6 months. But about a month now My car was bouncing very bad like a stage coach someone told me. I gave up thinking its got to be struts. The shop said its struts, well they were changed 4 months ago (stock) but had some damp residue around top area (oily but not pouring out). They said they didn't no why they went out so quick. So I put KYB's gr2 struts and shocks on it, it rode great for a 3 days now its not noisy like bad struts but it bounces like crazy. It bounces a lot weather its rough as hell roads or freshly paved it seems like it finds the imperfections. If you push on the front you may have a inch of play push down the struts are tight. The shop said its aftermarket everything is tight and good, but one of the mechanics said on the side it rides like his dodge 2500. I am completely lost I had the car new since 05 and it rode better then this. ( everything is stock except gt500 strut mounts and kyb struts)
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Maybe the strut mount gave out again? Is that inch of travel easy movement, or is it somewhat stiff? And it firms right up after that inch right? Makes me think struts are fine, but a mount or bushing has the give in it. Or ball joint?
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Control arms were changed in November by dealer. Strut mounts in October by me. They still look brand new (but that doesn't mean anything) , the play is stiff. I have to use hard force to get that play and yea right away moves back up. I'm not a mechanic, but do a lot of work on my car. If it's the mounts is their a way to check them. The bounce is all around but a lot more on the passenger side. I'm not try to get Benz comfort it just seems to me something is wrong.
It's my daily driver so it's the stock Bullitt 17s. Tires are 6-7 months old still have the threads on them. To be honest right isn't bad, I have put close to 2 grand in fixing front suspension everything is new except calipers and hub. If I lower the air to around 26-28 area it rides great, but that's to low the car pulls on these bad roads in louisiana. it's just the passenger side feels loose when it hits bump and now it's noisy wasnt before. I had 2 dealers look and work on it and they didn't fix the problem.
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