new to site and stangs... few mod questions


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Apr 5, 2006
hey guys, i bought a stang back in 06 and have only driven a handful of times as it is my weekend warrior. So i wanted to say hi and also pick some brains.
Some info on the stang
bbk cai
stock engine w 140k miles
headers, exhaust w flowmasters
3.73 gears
Accufab throttlebody w 2in spacer

What im planning on doing right now is change to an electric fan. My question is i was reading the posts and read the stock MAF is a 55mm and a 94-95 Mustang GT MAF is about 70mm. If i change out the MAF for the 94-95 Mustang GT MAF is there anything that needs to be done to make it work?
Planning on doing some susp. upgrades to as the ride is pretty stock and later move to new uper and lower, heads and cam and add a procharger w methyl inj.
Thanks in adv for help. Look forward to talking to you all.
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The 94-95 MAF will require an adaptor to bolt on. I'm not sure how easily available said adaptors are so you might have to custom make one to fit.
With the suspension you have to think about what direction you're going with the car, whether it's strictly a track car or whether it'll be primarily a street car and go from there. This site provides a wealth of information so a simple search will yield results.
FYI: If you're planning on going to an electric fan, I would suggest going ahead and getting a bigger alternator. If you have access to part a 94-95 or can buy a new one, it will help.
thanks blacknight, my search in the forum has only begun. Seems to have a lot of stuff to learn on here. On the MAF upgrade other than the adapter would i need anything else, such as the 94-95 comp or 24lb inj or are they just a plug and play so to speak...

Sammich, yea i read the alt should be a 3g alt... im gonna do that as well.. i can use the alt off a 94-95 gt to upgrade the alt?
:welcome: SimplyLX

The 94, 95 is plug and play. No need to upgrade computer or injectors as it is based on the 19lbs currently on your car. But as stated you need the adapter, although I have seen some people cut off the flang and make it work.

The alternator upgrade from the 94, 95 gt will also work and allow you to expand on the electrical items used on the car. It does require upgrading some wiring and cutting some excess from you current bracket.

Check out the sticky at the top of the forum: Useful Technical Thread Index. It is loaded with upgrades on the items you are currently talking about and ideas for others.
If I were you I would look into the 3G alternator upgrade, e-fan, subframe connectors, and intake upgrade to get you started. If you have the money I would look into a set of heads while your doing the intake.