I made it to the track last night...over the last two weeks I have been putting a 6 point roll bar in the car...WHAT A PAIN! I used mild steel so I thought it would slow the car down with all the weight I added...Boy was I wrong!

60 ft= 1.59
1/8 ET-7.27
1/8 MPH-93.91
1/4 ET-11.41
1/4 MPh-118.23

All N/A, 331, victor jr heads, vic jr intake, afm n-91 cam. holley 750 hp, stock rear suspension, tubular front suspension, stock t-5
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Black95GTS said:
NICE! What are you using for rubber? Did you put the car on a diet? Is your T5 pissed at you? And lastly... how high are you shifting?


Mickey thompson et street radials. full interior, 6 point cage, full tubular front suspension w/ coilovers, meats and skinnies. Yes, the t-5 hates me. I just had it rebuilt, this was the frist time out on it. I put in all new synchros, sliders, shift forks, etc. I shift the car anywhere between 6800 and 7200