Nick's "lvndpst" Restoration (and Slight Modification) Thread

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mechanicus terribilis
Mod Dude
Dec 14, 2010
SW Houston
$60? Shoooot. I'm in the wrong business. I want to make a good looking spoiler for a coupe, and I can add that to the list of fiberglass moulds to make.


You drunk?
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Feb 22, 2007
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
This is going to seem awfully “sister phuckin” to most of you, but it’s bugged me for two years now (like most of the rest of the car). When I made this front bumper, I cut the driver’s side to slide under the molding on the fender extension, rather than behind it. Little did I realize, it would have fit right behind it. So on the passenger side I left it alone and it fit great behind the fender extension molding. The driver’s side has always had a little gap from the missing slice of bumper though. So before I finished the gray paint on the plastics, I had to fix that. Well how do you replace plastic that is no longer there? You building a masking tape/cardboard mold and fill it with PBA (after a lot of prep and gouging for it to grab to of course). This is my last skim coat of PBA curing tonight before I do the final shaping tomorrow.



Looks like she, right? 99% of this structure won’t be seen, but will be sanded to resemble the shape of what was once there. This will allow for symmetry on both sides and pull one thorn from my side in regard to how I feel about this car.