1. I

    For Sale SN-95 OEM Intake W/ K&N Filter $75

    Recently installed a cold air intake in my Mustang, so I’m looking to get rid of the old stock set up. The K&N filter was bought back in April, and has less than 200 miles on it. Everything is there except for the MAF sensor which I am still using on my car. $75obo. Open to trades for other SN95...
  2. P

    Big mess up - need help

    Hey all, I recently decided to replace the intake manifold gaskets as they were leaking oil onto the water pump. After I took off the manifold, I plugged the ports so I could clean the gasket surface. There are 4 ports straight down the middle, which look like they let oil go to the camshaft...
  3. D

    Best Air Intake Temp Sensor location for Foxbody

    Where is the best location to install a new air intake temp sensor for my Supercharged Foxbody? In the intake or in the inlet power pipe?
  4. K

    Bone stock 2002 4.6 Cobra need performance upgrades

    I have a stock 2002 4.6 Cobra. Wondering if and intake spacer would help much at all or a larger than stock throttle body (70 or 72 or 75 or 77...) would add much...or both? Should I look toward a different than stock intake manifold? Reprogrammed chip or programmable chip or ECU? Headers...
  5. Sonic

    removing lower intake

    Hi all, I need to replace the lower intake (I've learned from #stanget, its called lower intake yuhii :D ) but i wonder do i need to remove all things (waterpump, generater...)? Could you please help me? Here is a pic how long I'm come with it. If I won't bother you, I appreciate to mark what...
  6. V

    Engine Anyone know this intake

    No idea what it is.... on a 95 GT...
  7. J

    Top end Kit....Anderson or TF?

    In the market for a new HCI setup for my 86' fox. Currently running cobra upper and lower with a b cam making 240 to the wheels. I've searched the forums for opinions on the Anderson 6200rpm NA top end kit but only found older ones. They now include a Holley Systemax II upper and lower which is...
  8. 0

    Where does this short (5-6 inch) wire go?

    Does this look like a ground? 2003 mustang GT. Replaced intake and now reverse lights,speedo, and blower motor is out. Could this have something to do with it? The wire is only about 5-6 inches long and literally nowhere to plug up. Any ideas?
  9. 0

    No AC/Heat, reverse lights, speedo, or odometer after intake install.

    2 days ago I decided to go ahead and tackle my leaky intake manifold. Install was smooth, no hiccups. No more coolant leak, yes! But now I’m left with no reverse lights, no speed, odometer just shows dashes (- - - - -) <just like that, and no heat or air (only defrost). Everything on the car...
  10. F

    Engine GT5.0 Intake vs. Edelbrock Performer RPM

    Hi together, I am new to this great place. I am from Germany and driving a 86GT and 69Mach1. Currently I am thinking about changing from the original EFI intake to an Edelbrock Performer RPM. But I am not quite sure what the result will be. My setup: - Stock cam - GT40 heads - Stock intake -...
  11. J

    5.4 2v N/A Swap Intake Build

    I'm looking into 3d printing a 5.4 2v manifold for a 5.4 2v swap. The reason I am looking into this is because I would love to do a 5.4 2v swap but from what I've gathered, there are 3 problems related to the intake with that swap. You can use the 4.6 intake with adapter plates, but your fuel...
  12. A

    Installing BBK SSI INTAKE

    I have a factory 88 5.0 convertible and I’m installing BBK ISS. It’s a whole kit that comes with a 75mm. my question is do I have to change the MAF and 25lbs injectors.
  13. M

    What intake is best for me?

    I currently have a Fitech efi setup, but I am wanting to get rid of it and go back to a true efi system with fuel rails, etc...What do you guys recommend? Looking for something that isn't too expensive, but will be a performer. I have pulled many gt40 intakes from salvage yards so I know that is...
  14. 9

    Engine Intake upgrade

    92 Hatch Gt mods done to motor: bigger maf with injectors to match, k&N intake, BBK fuel regulator, and MSD ignition. close to stock, never opened. I bought a tubular upper, lower intake, and the spacer off a buddy and want to know if I need heads to install it. Not sure if ports are the same...
  15. N

    Engine Top End Opinions

    So I am about to start modifications soon, trying to decide between the Trick Flow Track heat stage 2 kit or piece together an Edelbrock RPM2 and Edelbrock parts mimic the Trick Flow kit. What are your thoughts?
  16. Hudson N

    Do I have the upgraded intake manifold?

    I come from fox bodies, so I'm new to the 4.6. I'm wondering if my 04 has the upgraded manifold? Under load on the freeway it gets a little bit of shaking like its motor mounts, but it seems solid at idle, any ideas what it could be? Heres some photos of my manifold. Thanks
  17. C

    Intermittent Throttle and White Gas Smoke

    Hi everyone. Let me start off by saying no it is not the Head Gasket that is causing the white smoke. The tests were done to verify this. The smoke is white and has a strong gas smell. This car also has no cats (I got it like this) and it was sitting for years, like it looks like at least 3+...
  18. B

    Throttle Body Squeaking

    Hey guys first time poster, 2003 GT owner I am getting a squeal when I just lightly tap the gas, that is the only time it squeals. No squeal when at idle. It sounds like it could be air whistling but its very high pitched and sounds like a squeak or squeal. I changed the belt and Idler pulley...
  19. 9

    Need Help on what I need - New to the game

    Hey people. I am new to the fox game and I am looking to put some money into my car. I am working with a bone stock 92 5.0 LX. this car runs strong and really does not have any issues. any help on what I should do first to the car would be great. I am looking to make a nice weekend driver and...
  20. B

    8-year project build -- Backfiring through intake, not idling.

    Hi there. I have a 1988 Ford Mustang LX fox that has a 5.0 converted from speed density to mass air. This has been a long project for my dad and I, and recently we initially got it started for the very first time at zero degrees timing. It idled pretty well without stumbling around 1k, but...