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May 31, 2007
ok so i bought my first mod motor car a few days ago its a 97 gt 5spd with 97xxx org miles. and over the next year or so
i want to do a few things to the car but keep it relable to drive to CA during the summer,my goal is 400 hp at the flywheel and i have been thinking of doing a kenne bell ,but would prefer to do it all motor to keep the stress down on the rings,i already plan on buying a mac cold air plus a mac prochamber and a magna flow cat back,and i was wondering are pi head swaps worth the money and time it takes to do it?i am open to suggestions and what mods people on here have done,so i have a good idea of what i need to do to achive my goals.any imput is highly appriceated,
thanks joe
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400HP at the crank naturally aspirated is a lofty goal, but good on you for setting your sights high. Check out my sig for 300 rwhp (~375 HP assuming 20% loss to rear) NA 97 GT.

If I was to do it all again, I would probably have just dropped in a different motor altogether vs. the head and cam swap (too much labour and ended up pulling the engine anyway).
20% only if you have an auto, 15% otherwise. You need 340rwhp to see 400 at the crank, pretty much not going to happen unless you get stage III heads, stage II cams, all bolts ons including LongTubes (which are illegal in Cali). Then even a stroker kit if you want to get close to 340 with maybe some high compression pistons. Or you can spend less money, do less labor, and make more power and buy a supercharger with intercooler. Wont be a problem on the rings if it's tuned right.
340rwhp is possible but it would not be suitable for a DD or legal in CA. It would be expensive too. I would suggest getting SVO heads or ported and polished NPI heads to go with a blower, and possibly blower or at least PI camshafts, for your 97. With the stock NPI heads, your going to need alot of boost to just cross the 300rwhp mark. Just plan your mods out if you want to get a Kenne Bell, meaning you aren't going to need a plenum, CAI, or underdrive pulleys once you get a supercharger. Switching to 4v heads might fit your goals better.
well luckly i some one on the nw fourms has a set of 4valve heads an i was tinking about buying them but i have been told i would be better off with 2 valve heads hince buying a gt and not buying a cobra oh welll. but 300rwhp would hold me over thanks joe