Not another smiley story


Got FB banned again for saying nards
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Nov 29, 1999
So im out back today and decide I want to so I :spot: back to the house and
and sat back to watch try to kill and then went :sleep: and woke up fellin :nice: so I :spot: over to the and I see a friend of mine so we and I was all and the music was so I started to then the music got all :ack: so I went up to and then the was all and this that was catches my eye so I :spot: up to her and asked if she believed in love at first site or should I :spot: by again? and shees all so we go :hide: to
and I go down on her but it smelled like and I saw so I told her to :jaw: my :banana: and after her face was covered in and she :sleep: I :leaving: and :spot: out of the to go to my friends to go
and told him the story and hes all :cheers: Now I am on :SNSign: but I have to :sleep: early cause I have to go in the morning.
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