Oil Fitting Assembly (Screws to Blower) Where to Buy?

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eades5.0 said:
48$ is a rip for that lil thing
Maybe I'll find a npt fitting and use it

If you look closely inside there, there is a screen that regulates the oil spray, so id be carefull w/ that. The only place you can get them are through Vortech, but Im a machinist and I made a backup, cause I broke my original, ordered one from Vortech, took it to work w/ me and made one, exact copy!!
So if you have acess to a machine shop and know how to work w/ machines you can do it yourself. The toughest oart is the threads. Good luck.
I found a stainless steel one from Vortech that is only 24$...so i got that.
The actual reason I went through Vortech was for the filter screen you mentioned.

My brass one that I broke had some crap in it...so that lil screen saved my blower from injesting that crap.
Thats cool, I didnt know they made them in stainless, Maybe when I get a little extra time at work ill make a stainless one to have for a second backup.