ok so here are my 5.4 3v pics.

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Jul 17, 2005
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that should be good enough. if not i have no idea what else i have to do.

it is really in there and nobody helped me. i did it all myself. no tech help no nothing.

if you still doubt me. then contact these guys:


they are in my club and they know me personally.
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nobody helped me. i did it all myself. no tech help no nothing.

if you still doubt me. then contact these guys: they are in my club and they know me personally

You have a club!!

Then whey do you ask for help on a tech forum like stangnet?

Just some observations:
No hood
Leaves built up on car
Lots of tape
Seems like the cars isn't driven much, or is just too slow to blow leaves off of it.

You say you did a 2005 3v swap.... Actually you did 90% of a 3V swap. Where are the COP's? You did all this work just to retain the stock ignition and wire harness?

ALSO.... :D I smile just thinking about this.... A little while ago you got into ANOTHER arguement on here about cams. You originally asked about cam profiles or some crap, then turned around and told everyone who wrote in that thread that you knew better than them and you already have a "Custom secret grind" cam".... Here's the good part......

...Yet you don't have the time or money to get rid of the POS stock plastic intake tube. Every Ricer on Earth Has a better intake than you. And a cleaner air filter.

There is brown lamp cord running everywhere on your motor... PLEASE, tell me that you dropped it while you were wiring up your 30" sub woffer and just never untangled it from the REAL wire harness....

Or did a squirrel build a nest on the motor out of wire and leaves because it has been sitting for so long.

Bill, I would love to tell you to stop wasting your time here, but honestly, I look foward to every one of your posts! Keep them coming!!!

I hereby knight you: Super Ricer!
i just took these. note the power products intakeand TB.




here is the current project. opening up the stock intake and marrying the 4" upper with the cobra 57mm.



here is my intake modding page.

rickey and laserred01gt are ignored,so let them continue. i won't let them get me mad enough to get kicked out of here. that's why they added 'ignore'.

the stock opening for the 5.4 3v is 75mm. i opened it up to 3 1/8" x 3 1/4" all the way into ithe plenum. there is material there.
Damn, I got kicked out of your club....

Must be nice talking in an invironment where no one questions your BS

Why does EVERY one of your posts end up in a crapfest?

I must be fair and say that I do commend you on the intake mod trial. I saw the pix, Even though I would have hit the TIG WAY before gluing stuff in an intake, I do support and enjoy all ideas that are out of the ordinary.

I don't hunt you down on here just to argue. I, like others on here, simply point out what we think. The fact that you don't like it is not our doing.
I see you used the 96 computer and harness and the stock truck intake with a adapter for the mustang plenum

you would make much more power with some aftermarket cams

i know for a fact that Ed Olin ran 11.4 @ 119 with his. that's around 390 rwhp. so the power is there. the cams i am going to use require locked phasers. they can't take the load and shatter blowing the whole thing up. Al sells them if he would answer his phone. i hope he wasn't in those tornados.
390WHP is ~ 460HP at the crank. Both of which wont propell your car (which weighs over 3,300lbs easy) into the 11's.

wont get 11's with 390rwhp@3300lbs what a ****ing joke. i see a lot of bs on here, and bill does have some stories, but i hope you were high when you posted that f'ing bs nonsense
Ok...WAY too much hating.

Ricky bobby, Bill isnt responding back to you....no reason whatsoever to be flaming him here, because you will wind up getting this thread closed. He never called you out in the thread, I see no reason to be rude :shrug: .

Bill, nice job.....just clean up that engine bay a bit :D
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