Forced Induction Our 2015 Supercharged Gt Lays Down 655whp!

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Oct 14, 2014
After 3 grueling weeks, the team at Boost Works is proud to announce that we have the world's first tuned, twin screw powered 2015 Mustang GT!



The car laid down a very healthy 653whp/533wtq at 12.5psi, at 17 degrees and .80 Lambda. We have logged over 30 dyno pulls, and around 100 miles of street tuning for drive-ability. It has been a challenge to say the least, but our team pulled through and got the job done. We've learned a lot about this new platform in the process, and we feel as though we have a firm grasp on the S550.


We did end up switching back to the stock throttle body, as the tuning software (both SCT and HP Tuners) lacks the proper tables to log and manipulate the parameters necessary to get the car running properly with a larger throttle body. So, even breathing through the tiny stock TB, we were able to pull out some very nice numbers.


For now, we will offer 2.8 liter kits, with 3.6 liter kits being optional for those who are looking for bigger power in the future. For now, both will be tuned on the stock TB. We will have a 2.8 liter car on the dyno when we get back from SEMA. We expect around 600whp on 93 octane as well. These Mammoth setups have so much potential! And, while we couldn't scrounge up any mammoth tusks, we did find something somewhat fitting.. :)


Thanks for sticking around for this build.. It's been fun! The car will hit the track soon on slicks to see what we can get out of it as it sits. Stay tuned! [/url] .
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Nov 29, 1999
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I'll be lurking in this section and learning. Starting to save my pennies for a new one. With 600 hp on tap, what are the weak points that should be addressed?