Progress Thread Pearl To White - Paint Time

Nope, they both have the same items included. I've always purchased from LMR but I do like saving money if possible. But I do understand the whole "get what you paid for" thing so not sure if these aftermarket lights would fit that bill.
I bought my smoked headlight set from lmr. One came with a small crack, and was no hassle to have them replace it. They also shipped pretty quick. That’s the stuff you may not get from CJ…… both their shipping and customer service can be hit or miss.
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I bought my smoked headlight set from lmr. One came with a small crack, and was no hassle to have them replace it. They also shipped pretty quick. That’s the stuff you may not get from CJ…… both their shopping and customer service can be hit or miss.
I've read nothing but great things about LMR's customer service, might be the reason I go with them.
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I did the same thing as Blakeus. New lenses with original housings. Same reason too, love the look of the amber turn signal. Just looks right. My opinion. Top edge is really rounded where the graters and LX taillights are more square so I could see people saying they sit ‘in’ a little further but I love the look.

I changed my highlights probably back in 2007-2008 some time. What a PITA. Walked away from it a couple of times. A little OCD and couldn’t get them to line up perfectly. 3 piece set. Just be patient. I went with stock and amber corners. Wish I could remember where I got them from but the quality was very good. Now some 15 years later they still look new, but one of the rubber gaskets around the driver side light developed a small crack. No way I’m touching it. Not going down that rabbit hole again. Plus I’m hearing so much bad feedback about some of the resto parts that are out there for our cars. A lot of Chinese crap. Even with some of bigger name stuff. Ordered a replacement pair of side view mirrors from NPD. They were made by Daniel Capenter restoration. The mirror is so cheap it’s like looking into one of those mirrors at a circus that distorts your body. Downright dangerous. Buddy of mine owns a restoration shop where he sees everything. He has said the quality control has really gone out the window on a lot of stuff he orders. Not all, but a more than reasonable amount. Sad.
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Dropping off my car today at the paint and body shop. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm trying to gather a list together of everything I want them to address other than the normal stuff.
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Dropped off the car yesterday and was talking to the owner/painter of the shop. We went over the car talking about what I want done and one thing he mentioned was not being able to guarantee that the side moldings on the doors could be completely straight. My stock ones are rolled a little on the edges and need to be straightened. I know LMR sells some replacement ones but have read bad reviews on them. I told him if they have trouble getting them straight to let me know before painting them so I can give my attempt on trying to work them out. Any of you fellas had any luck with this?
I went by the shop yesterday to drop off some parts and got to talking with the owner who is also the painter. All this time I had been dealing with the my friends cousin who is the one that takes care of the pricing and handles all the office stuff. It's not a big body shop and only 3 employees there. The painter, body man and the office guy. Last year they painted my buddies car and did a great job on it, he's the cousin of the office guy. So I had him come out to look at my car and give me a price of doing everything I wanted done. He told me he would hook me up with the same deal that he gave his cousin just not to tell other people about it. The price was $4200 cash and I was perfectly good with that.

We went over everything I wanted done including some rust repair which included cutting it out and welding in some new rust free panels I had removed from a parts car. Well yesterday when I was dropping off those parts he was already gone so was talking to the owner and I guess he wasn't aware about the deal I was getting so told me, that rust repair can't be included in the $4200 price I got because his complete paint jobs start at $4500. Told me he didn't think my buddies cousin was aware of the rust. I told him yes he was and that I had showed him the rust and what I wanted done. He went on to say that it's a lot of work having to cut out and weld in making it all look like factory and blah blah blah.

I just told him to talk with his office guy and we will figure it out. So now I'm debating on what I should do. Part of me just wants to pick up the car and take it back home just based on principal that I was given a price and now it can't be done for that amount. But I do know that the rust repair that needs to be done is a little extensive and other body shops of the same size would charge me at least $5500 and up to do everything I want done, I've had other estimates done in the past. The body man their is really good, he's friends with my uncle and has been in the business for a long time and the painter (owner) is good too.

What would you fellas do in my situation? I have a budget for the whole color change of the car that had taken me a very long time (years) to save so depending on how much more he wants it might and probably will exceed my budget. I'm going to reach out to my buddies cousin later today and let him know about the conversation that took place and see what he says.

Here is the rust that needs to be cut out and repaired with the ones I got off the parts car.



Those repairs & a complete paint job (done right) for $5500 is still a pretty damn good deal. Sounds like othe guy talked out of his ass.
As far as the LMR moldings, I've installed probably half a dozen sets, no problems.
Quality part unless something has changed.
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I get that you want them to honor a verbal quote, but if you don't have that in writing that includes rust repair that'll be tough to live up to. And that's the thing about paint/body... it's hard to know how ugly it gets underneath until you get there and things come up that will change the overall price. Also I would bet that there is more rust hiding than just the door jambs.

My car is currently being torn down and there were a few extra things found during that time that will increase my cost, but I sort of assumed it was gonna go over budget anyway. I guess the question is do you trust the shop or not, to me that is more important, and why I chose K & K to do my car.
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Thanks, I do trust the shop. The body man is really good at what he does, his brother paints as well and they had a small shop in the past and always turned out really good work. They use to do a lot of low rider cars back in the day with candy colors and all those patterns. Originally wanted them to do my car but his brother went to paint for a larger body shop. This shop did my buddies 97 Mustang, was a total color change and they tore it all the way down. Car came out really good with no issues. I plan on seeing how much more they want and will go from there.
I agree with above comments. I’ve worked in paint and body shops since 1997. After cars are taken apart there could be other issues that arise. I had a 1990 Notch with rust like that in the door jamb in that area, turned out the aprons, (inner fender structures) were totally rusted out, along with the frame rails.

When I was an estimator, I always stressed that the costs could go up after the cars are taken apart. Wether it be a restoration type deal or collision.

I think the fenders on your car need to be removed to see what maybe hiding under them before you proceed. Hopefully there isn’t anything.
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I'd be willing to bet that just replacing those pieces properly would be in the 3k dollar range, to do it right you need to pull the windshield, upper cowel, doors, fenders, wiring that is in the area and more,
The amount of work you do tearing it apart can effect the price, if they can do that repair and paint for that price would be a swing'n deal.
Just the price of paint, more so when talking about pearls is through the roof.
Remember 'you get what you pay for'.
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This is the area I’m talking about @Fri Guy. This wasn’t my Notch, this is my current car. I cleaned these areas up when I did my car a few years back.


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Thanks, I'm waiting to hear back from them to see how much more they want before doing anything on the car. If it's something I can afford to spend at the moment then I'll go forward with it, if not I'll pick up the car and park it back in my garage until I save some more. I definitely want to get it done right but on a limited budget at the moment.
Spoke with them today and gave them the go ahead to move forward. I purchased some door and hatch weatherstripping years ago from LMR. Would it be a bad idea to use it or should I buy some new ones?