Progress Thread Pearl To White - Paint Time

I was able to get it pretty straight, not 100% but way better. Used a C-Clamp and the receiver on my truck to bend it back. I'm going to clean up the whole bracket and give it a coat of paint with some rattle cans. Debating if I should just stick with black or would it better to use white to blend in with the paint? Can't remember if any of the bracket can be seeing with the fig lights installed. Any of you guys know?

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Thanks. The bottom of front bumper cover does attach to this bracket correct? If so, does it attach with a bolt and nut or something else? Mine had been zip tied for the longest time ever so want to make sure I get the correct hardware to attach it correctly.
I need the brackets for sure and probably some of the hardware due to mine not being the correct stuff or missing. Not sure what all the rivets are for though.
I’m sure I drilled those rivets out and loosened everything in the picture removing a GT fascia to get to a headlight panel and fiberglass bumper thing.
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Car has been a slow process due to the body shop insurance jobs taking priority which I am perfectible fine with and the body guy being out of work with covid.. I picked up a project Polaris Ranger for almost free ($150) from buddy of mine that needed some work and had the room in my garage to get it back onto the road. Was in a rush to get the Ranger fixed and sold before my car came back and just sold it on Monday. So now just waiting for the car to be done.

I stopped by the shop yesterday to check on some things and they had it in the booth getting it ready to block sand. The fenders and doors already block sanded and primed. I need new clips for the trim pieces on the front and back windshield. Anyone know where I can purchase them from or know of the part numbers for them?


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my dad straightened out an old Keystone rim for me by hand, and it did not wobble or vibrate when he was done.
Masters like that are amazing how they can " talk " to the metal....
My old friend who can do this got started when he worked at a Dodge dealer in the early 70's and watched a body guy straighten out a ripply hood on a new car with a metal slapper paddle without disturbing the paint.....
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Finally getting some paint sprayed on. It's been a good while with my car just sitting there getting worked on between insurance jobs but it seems like they want it gone already so should hopefully have it done within the next couple of weeks or so if they stay on track with it.


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Body is finally got painted. Stopped by yesterday and he was wet sanding and cutting/buffing it. I purchased some SEM trim black paint so he can paint all the black to match.


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