Powder Coat Pics "Finally"

I said I would get these up sometime. I just haven't had the time to get the parts back on the car until now. Someday I will get the K memeber in too. I will be going on a 3 month sea tour soon, so I won't be around for a bit. I had a buddy do all the parts, the pics don't really do the Red color justice.

Spindles, misc front brakets, Sway bar & mounts, rear dust shields, rear caliper brackets and mounts, Panhard bar, cross brace, fuel tank straps, and some other misc stuff. This will be the last of it for a while. My connection to free coating is no longer working there. Oh well.............Enjoy.............






Don't worry the dirt will be gone before I bring her out of storage.........
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Looks awesome! I wish I could get the hook up on some free powdercoating.

Do you have any pics of the whole car with the new wheels and everything?

This is the only pic I have of the whole car with the new wheels. I really haven't taken many pics this year. I will get more once I get back and get the car out. Not to mention a little time off. I'll get um up when I get um....................

darkesdad - thanks, its gonna be a long one.