Pro 5.0 Shifter

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The Hurst has the adjustable stops right? That is all that protects the transmission from damage in any aftermarket shifter. The Pro 5.0 is the original and some say the best, but its not going to extend the life of your trans any more than any other quality shifter.
i am very happy with my Pro 5.0 although i have never used anything else to compare it to....
i hammer through the gears HARD a lot, and it's very smooth and feels solid with a nice short throw. never had a mis-shift with it, its actually quite hard to do.
I think ya'll are splitting hairs. Just about anything out there now is better than stock. All the aftermarket shifters are doing the same thing... it's hard to pick a bad one.
PRO 5.0 original? Hows that? I have a PRO 5.0 but Hurst made theirs about 15 years before. I had a adjustable Hurst in 1994 and they were old then.

Taken from their website:

The PRO 50 t5/t45 shifter is the # 1 Choice in CUSTOM RACING SHIFTERS for Mustang owners. Only the PRO 50 shifter has the SPECIAL PATENTED shift mechanism that makes gear engagement a BREEZE. Hailed as the REAL DEAL in bullit shifters and recognized for its shift improving MECHANISM with a U.S. Government PATENT. Get the original and still THE BEST!! Shifter on the market. Dont be fooled by cheap look a likes. YOUR TRANSMISSION NEEDS the protection ONLY a PRO 50 shifter can offer. Get YOURS TODAY !

I can't say I was even behind the wheel in 1994. But I've heard before that the Power Tower was "the original". :shrug:

I've got a BBK and it gets the job done, though I eventually upgraded from the soft stock centering springs to make the 2-3 gear change better.