Pypes VS Spintech


10 Year Member
Mar 3, 2010
Ok guys so thinking about losing the Flows and switching up the tune of my exhaust. So I have switched heads to the TFS 190s with 1.6s, kept my MAC shorty headers on which I’m guessing they are 1 5/8 but they’ve been on the car since 1999 so idk if those dimensions are right, have an o/r h pipe, flows idk what series and lx pipes. I am stuck between spintech pro street 6000s VS pypes pro race stainless not the M80s. These have been some of my favorite, grew on me etc, and that’s bc I was wanting to go MAC but now it’s between these two. I know that straight through design is ideal but why? Just less resistance? I know the spintechs are chambered and these pypes are considered straight through. What are your all’s opinions, not a daily driver and I still like loud and rowdy. I’d still run everything at 2.5in all the way out the tail pipes
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