quick ?

ok ive been procrastinating on my swap, so now ive got all the parts wire harness, shocks, used stock springs, (mine were cut, the donor cars were sagging) so now im ready to do this, i know it wont be easy but im down to do it. my ? is will it be hard to swap out the rear ends by myself? or should i get help with doing thi . thanks in advance david.:flag:
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I was in a pinch and only help I needed was help putting it on the jack.My girl friend (105lb)helped me get it on the jack.Rest was a balancing game as I also used her a a counter weight:rolleyes:

I did mine myself. It's a bit of a struggle, but can be done.

, then used a ratchet strap to secure it to the pedestal of the jack.

ah....we got an intelligent person on our hands..

clean notch btw.
that's up to you.I ran mine though firewall motor not in car yet.I actually pulled all unnecessary wiring out of harness and it went from wrestling a python under the dash to no bigger then a sharpy marker..