rebuilding a 96 gt motor


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Feb 2, 2004
i have a 96 gt motor and i'm going to rebuild it and motor swap into my 2000 v6. am i able to bore the motor? are there any suggestions to help me gain power? should i swap to pi heads or purchase after market heads? any suggestions would help. thanks.
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yeah that sounds like the best plan. If you built you motor you would have about 13-1400 dollars in pistons and rods a lone then you will have to get it bored and things like that and you will run into a lot of time and aggravation. just buy everything from vt and you will be set on the right path.
Ryan02Stang said:
Not sure what your budget is. But I would go with a VT 302 stroker kit. VT heads, VT blower cams. And then throw on a T trim, and say hello to 600rwhp

Just also keep in mind the added expense of beefing up the rear end, fuel, ECU, motor mounts, etc.. I dont know all the details in doing the swap but those are a few that come to mind.
ok, i'm going to swap the rear end from a gt. and i have to rewire the car with a ecu from a gt. i have my work cut out for me. my main goal is to have the motor nice and built and then work on the other things. thanks for all the help.
Damn Ford Dealer you can go in asking for a 00 or 02 cobra and they will tell you something stupid like we sell those all the time. O yea we just had one on the lot.

There [email protected]#&ing idiots over there. Don't listen to Ford PERIOD. Just listen to these guys on the forums that have done it. T&J performance is really good in the 2v field everyone loves them here.