Red hot headers

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bjl95mustang said:
The extra fuel is unburned is going into the headers and i guess burning in there and creating too much heat. You need fuel to creat heat.
Compressing (compression) would also cause heat, when you squeeze the air the molecules would begin to race around in a frenzy causing them to create friction or heat. Kind of like the diesel engine the fuel is burned more by the high compression and assisted by the glow plugs (so the mixture ignites faster) to cause the combustion. Granted he's probably has a stock CR but that would still cause heat, wouldn't it??
Is your smog stuff hooked up? If so, then if it is not working right, it can continously pump air into the exhaust ports, and that causes the unburt fuel to burn in the headers. Like a afterburner effect.

IIRC, the system is designed to only pump that air in the exhaust for a few mins during startup to help warm the O2's. Then it shouldn't run again (I think). Then it just sends air to the cats, or dumps to the atmosphere.